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Workshops hosted by Russell Thomas

Twitter 101

If you’ve had an inkling to add Twitter to your basket of communication tools but have been unable to get started, this is the session for you.  Facilitator Russell Thomas will walk you through the Twittersphere, slowly and gently, sharing stories of how he discovered its value and its potential.  From learning about “hashtags” to “retweets”, participants will come away from this half-day session ready to embrace the power that 140 characters can yield in this micro-blogging platform.  Organizations not present or active in the #ymm Twitterworld are missing out on an essential conversation that can move your mission and mandate forward.

Twitter 201

OK, you have a twitter handle. You’re watching what others are tweeting about and maybe you’ve tweeted a time or two yourself.  Now you want to take it to the next level.  This session, facilitated by Russell Thomas, will help you go deeper into the social media swimming pool and begin to leverage Twitter to build brand, increase support, and raise awareness of the impact your organization is creating in the community each and every day.  This is a session for those ready to take the plunge and integrate Twitter into your daily professional practice.

Social Media Matters

Love it or lump it, social media matters.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger and myriad other sites have supplanted traditional media as the primary way that we connect, share and communicate as people and as organizations.  How do they all fit together?  How do you manage an effective social media presence with limited staff and resources?  This half-day session facilitated by Russell Thomas will provide a number of foundational tips that you can take back to the office and implement immediately.

Managing the Message

We have a lot of control over how our organization’s story gets told.  It all comes down to our capacity to manage the message.  This half-day workshop, facilitated by professional communicator Russell Thomas, will teach key principles and strategies for increasing the likelihood that the story that appears in the media is one that you want.  You’ll also get a chance to participate in some action learning, getting grilled by local media personalities in a press conference scrum.

Telling Your Story

Your company or organization is doing work that is creating IMPACT and SUCCESS every single day.  But are you effectively telling and sharing that story?  Facilitator Russell Thomas will rekindle your storytelling instinct and help you connect WHAT you do with WHY you do it in this powerful half-day exploration.  You will discover that the most powerful champion for your organization is staring at you in the mirror. Be prepared to write, draw, speak and create.

Immutable Laws of Effective Networking

In business, as in life, so much of our success depends on our ability to network and authentically connect with people who can be partners and supporters in achieving our missions.  This half-day workshop, facilitated by Russell Thomas, will introduce proven networking strategies and habits that will strengthen your ability to build meaningful and valuable relationships.  People are absolutely our greatest resource, those we know, and those we have yet to meet.  Sharpening your networking tools is an excellent way to improve your effectiveness in this area.

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